Bichon Frisé and Leonberger - Our Leonberger

4th July 2013 our Sisi gave birth to puppies. The delivery was without complications, Sisi and puppies are fine. Sisinka all mastered to perfection, even if it was for her first time. All puppies are reserved.

Description of Leonberger

Leonberger dog is impressive both for beginners and advanced, dog for those who have conditions, space, time, and even some financial support that enables them to behave in such a large dog. And who fits? Leon is a quiet, friendly, easy to use, attentive, excellent guard property and space, which is entrusted to him. If necessary, although not aggressive by nature, but he missing a healthy self-esteem and can also greatly in need of intervention. Although not exercise training in basic obedience is of course necessary. Education must be conducted in a calm, slightly slower, without violence and rudeness, but consistently. He who is for him to decide he should be aware of entitlements and holding up a large breed or giant breed brings. Read more...

Breeding female

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